Narrative of an Unsuccessful Attempt to Circumnavigate Banks Island by Canoe in 1952

T.H. Manning


Contains chronological account of events May-Nov. 1952 on Banks Island and mainland. The writer and A. Macpherson (q.v.) made preliminary soundings in harbors on south, west, and north coasts of the island and topographic and geologic notes on coastline and interior, collected bird, mammal, and plant specimens, and excavated four Thule houses. Canoe trip from De Salis Bay clockwise around the island was stopped by ice at Castel Bay on the north coast. Overland trips were made between Castel Bay, Storkerson Bay, Sachs Harbour, and De Salis Bay. Twelve new place names, approved by the Canadian Board on Geographical Names and used on map, are listed with brief notes.


Animal husbandry; Atmospheric temperature; Breakup; Clouds; Coasts; Domestic sheep; Estuaries; Glaciology; Ice islands; Ice shelves; Measurement; Melting; Oceanography; River discharges; River ice; Rivers; Sea ice; Size; Stream flow; Surveying; Temperature; Thickness; Winds; Banks Island, N.W.T.; Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, Nunavut; Yelverton Bay, Nunavut; Kennedy Channel, Nunavut; Massey Sound, Nunavut; Melville, Lake, Labrador; Hamilton Inlet, Labrador; Backway, The, Labrador; Greenland; Grinnell Glacier, Nunavut

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