Frank Ralph Conibear (1896- )

Angie Bevington


Frank Conibear is a long-time trapper and inventor of the humane trap for fur-bearing animals. His first model was handmade in 1929. However, it wasn't until much later that he came up with an outstanding improvement which was to become the accepted standard. "The Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals financed the manufacture of 50 traps, and Eric Collier, President of the Trappers' Association of British Columbia, both supported their field testing and advocated them in Outdoor Life. Success at last - a trap that was light, could be built in various sizes, and could be set on land or in water. Frank contacted the Woodstream Corporation of Pennsylvania, and within a year the Victor-Connibear trap was on the market. To introduce this product, the Canadian Association of Humane Trapping, working with the Canadian Provincial Wild Life Services, encouraged trappers to exchange their leg-hold traps for the Conibears - free." ...


Biographies; Conibear, Frank Ralph, b. 1896; Furbearing animals; History; Trapping; Fort Smith region, N.W.T.

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